Blood Moon Vinyl LP

Cold Chisel


Getting The Band Back Together is the first single from Cold Chisel’s album Blood Moon.

“’Getting The Band Back Together’ seemed like the right sentiment to accompany the tour but the album itself has a lot of songs that are darker than that, and a few quieter ones too,” said Don Walker. “It’s great to still be making new music and finding new ways to do it after all these years.”

  • 1. Getting The Band Back Together
  • 2. Land Of Hope
  • 3. Drive
  • 4. Killing Time
  • 5. I Hit The Wall
  • 6. Boundary Street
  • 7. Buried Treasure
  • 8. Accident Prone
  • 9. Someday
  • 10. You Are So Beautiful

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Blood Moon Vinyl LP by Cold Chisel