Guide To Better Living CD & Book (Deluxe Edition)



In 1997 Grinspoon released their debut album GUIDE TO BETTER LIVING.

Going on to boast double-platinum sales of more than 140,000 copies on the back of five singles; ‘Pedestrian’, ‘DC×3’, ‘Repeat’, ‘Just Ace’ and ‘Don't Go Away’ – the album spent 36 weeks in the ARIA Top 50.

20 years later – with the album chalking up a double decade of acclaim – the band are emerging from hiatus to celebrate their debut album with the ‘Guide To Better Living’ tour.

To correspond with the tour comes the 20th Anniversary Edition of Guide To Better Living on RED VINYL! (this is the first time the album has been released on vinyl) …across two vinyl discs.

The original 16 track album is augmented with the Live At CBGB’s recording – an incendiary 10-track live recording of the band taken from the fabled CBGB’s venue in New York. The recording was found in a scour of the vaults late in 2016.

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Track Listing


Sides A&B
Guide To Better Living (Original Album)
1. Pressure Tested 1984
2. Boundary
3. DCx×3
4. Sickfest
5. Railrider
6. Scalped
7. Pedestrian
8. Just Ace
9. Post Enebriated Anxiety
10. Repeat
11. NBT
12. Don’t Go Away
13. Balding Matters
14. Bad Funk Stripe
15. Champion
16. Truk


Sides C&D

Live At CBGB’s New York 1997

17. American Party Bomb
18. Black Friday

19. Pedestrian
20. More Than You Are

21. Butcher
22. Post Enebriated Anxiety

23. Just Ace
24. All The Time

25. Champion
26. Freezer

Guide To Better Living CD & Book (Deluxe Edition) by Grinspoon