8 (Vinyl) LP



Multi-platinum alt-rock icons Incubus, release '8,' their aptly titled eighth studio album!

Incubus emerged from Calabasas, California, with their indie debut album Fungus Amongus in 1995. Starting with 1997's 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E.,' they went on to release six studio albums on the Epic/Immortal label (the last three produced by Brendan O'Brien), with platinum and multi-platinum success; as well as five live albums.

Four of their songs have hit #1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, including "Drive" (2000, also Top 10 Pop), "Megalo¬maniac" (2003), "Anna-Molly" (2006), and "Love Hurts" (2008).

No Fun
Nimble Bastard
State Of The Art
When I Became A Man
Familiar Faces
Love In A Time Of Surveillance
Make No Sound In The Digital Forest
Throw Out The Map

8 (Vinyl) LP by Incubus