40 Years of Rock - Vol. 1: 40 Greatest Studio Hits (3CD)

The Angels


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Four decades of hits, four decades of touring and legendary Australian band The Angels are still making great music. Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year (1974-2014) the band are hitting the road for an extensive Australian tour and releasing two commemorative albums. Liberation Music and Alberts are proud to announce the most extensive, career spanning Greatest Hits albums ever released.

The Angels – Volume 1 – 40 Greatest STUDIO Hits features every hit, some groundbreaking album tracks and a few rare gems to round out the package. It’s all Angels… all classics… ALL ROCK!


  1. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
  2. Round We Go
  3. Shelter From The Rain
  4. Whitest Lady
  5. After The Rain
  6. Take A Long Line
  7. Marseilles
  8. Be With You
  9. I Ain't The One
  10. Comin' Down
  11. Who Rings The Bell
  12. Save Me
  13. Shadow Boxer
  14. Can't Shake It


  1. No Exit
  2. Out Of The Blue
  3. Mr Damage
  4. Ivory Stairs
  5. No Secrets
  6. Poor Baby
  7. Wasted Sleepless Nights / Dark Room
  8. Face The Day
  9. Devil's Gate
  10. Fashion And Fame
  11. Night Attack
  12. Eat City
  13. Watch The Red
  14. Stand Up


  1. Small Price
  2. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
  3. Don't Waste My Time
  4. Let The Night Roll On
  5. Back Street Pick Up
  6. Dogs Are Talking
  7. Turn It On
  8. Call That Living
  9. My Light Will Shine
  10. Waiting For The Sun
  11. Talk The Talk
  12. Broken Windows
40 Years of Rock - Vol. 1: 40 Greatest Studio Hits (3CD) by The Angels